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What does learner support involve?

We are privileged to have a learning support post. The emotional well-being of our learners is very important as it can make a big impact on their academic performance. When the learner’s self-confidence and self-esteem are good, it leads to an improvement in his / her school achievements.

The learner’s unique learning needs are determined by means of the following:

+ Informal assessment
+ The learner’s school books and learner’s report
+ Conversations with the learner’s parents, relevant teacher (s) and therapists.

The learner is withdrawn from class for at least half an hour twice a week. During Learning Support, individual attention is given to the learner’s specific learning needs, eg. reading ability and comprehension, spelling, consolidation of language concepts and mathematical concepts. In this way, the setbacks that the learner may experience are caught up on and the basic principles (sounds, spelling rules, number concepts) are solidified.

Learning support also includes enrichment through the introduction, consolidation and practising of different study methods, homework assistance and learning for tests and exams. Recommendations are made in conjunction with psychologists and therapists.


Mrs. Natasja Sonnekus