Our School

Our school has a clear vision and mission statement. Efforts are made daily to achieve and maintain them.


We strive to develop and equip young leaders for the future.


At Vorentoe Primary school we strive towards the following:

  • To cultivate a set of values for the learners based on a Christian foundation.
  • To create opportunities for learners to get involved and to be happy, thereby allowing them to develop holistically.
  • To equip the learner, in an ever changing world, with the necessary knowledge and life skills so that he / she can enter into their future with confidence.
  • To develop the learner socially, emotionally and physically to be a fully-fledged member of the school community.
  • To cultivate a pride, love and respect for the school and the country’s traditions and customs.
  • To cultivate an appreciation for good discipline in order to be good law-abiding scholars / citizens of his / her school / country.
  • To maintain a healthy balance between academic, cultural and sporting activities.

Emphasis is placed on 6 core values and characteristics of a true ‘Vorie’: Reliability, Justice, Respect, Care, Responsibility and Citizenship.


The Parent Teachers Association consists of dynamic parents who propose, arrange and manage the school’s fundraising projects. Projects co-ordinated by the PTA rely greatly on the help, ideas and contributions of our parents. The class representatives are the links between the PTA and the parents. Involvement in any of the PTA – arranged projects, is an opportunity for every parent to be a part of the Vorentoe Primary School family. The funds that are raised throughout the year are directly invested in improving the teaching experience of our learners.

Mothers Who Care

MWC consist of small groups of Christian mothers whose primary purpose is prayer. They also provide moral support for children and teachers. Vorentoe Primary School’s MWC group pray weekly for learners, staff and parents. The focus is on ensuring the spiritual well-being of the learners. Various activities, camps and Bible studies with the children are also offered.

To join or to get involved, contact Alida van der Walt on 083 310 6488


This year our school started a project to help and bless families within our school and in our local community with basic necessities like food and clothing. A competition was launched amongst the learners to come up with a name for the project. Hanley Nel, a Grade 3 learner, came up with the suggestion and we immediately liked it.

Non-perishable foods and clothing were collected throughout the year by way of little competitions and fundraisers. In this way we were able to regularly drop off bags full of blessings to families in need.

Kossak teaches us that even a small donation, like a can of food, can make a big difference in someone else’s life. Kossak has many new plans for next year. With a team like Vorentoe Primary Schools parents and learners as well as the help of the Great Brak River community, we know that together we will be able to bring much blessing and hope to those closest to us.

Brolloks Burger

Vorentoe Primary School’s own newspaper is published twice a year.

The editors, consisting of learners, work under the guidance of a parent and teacher. The learners are equipped and trained in computer skills and creative writing. The colourful newspaper is packed with interesting articles and holiday activities. Local businesses and service providers also get the opportunity to advertise in this publication.

Clothing Bank

From time to time there are second-hand school clothes available. New clothes such as the compulsory sports T-shirts are also available here. Contact the secretary.